Anomaly Performance 0.126

1. About:

I kind of made it for myself but decided to share anyway. Maybe it will be useful for someone.

There are some frequently used fuctions of Ableton Live that can not be easily mapped to MIDI events, (control change, etc). You can map scene navigation but not really a track navigation (only particular tracks to be highlighted). Same with mute/solo/arm. And what is most important you can’t map “Insert MIDI Clip”, “Delete Clip” or “Duplicate” and you have to reach for your mouse everytime you need those (it kills workflow for me).

So here is some simple patcher to solve those and provide several more functional features. It uses M4L.api for navigation, ring.KeyPress ( for keystrokes and live.path and live.object for other stuff. It works for me. ;-)

2. Version: Build.126

3. Instalation:

a) Extract to: Ableton/Library/Presets/MIDI Effects/Max MIDI Effect/
b) Load to MIDI Track (any MIDI track but I recomend creating a new one)
c) Hit Ctrl+M and MIDI map buttons.
d) Done

4. Requirements:

Ableton Live 8.2.2 (
Max 5.1.8 (
ring_keyPress.class (

5. Features:

Create Clip – creates new MIDI clip in the highlighted slot
Delete Clip – deletes a clip from highlighted slot
Duplicate Clip – duplicates a clip from highlighted slot
Rename Clip – open textbox of a clip name
Redo – redo
Undo – undo
Copy – copies a clip from highlighted slot
Paste – pastes a clip to highlighted slot

Up – navigation, one scene up
Down – navigation, one scene down
Left – navigation, one track left
Right – navigation, one track right
Center – launches selected clip

Delete Currently Playing – on the selected track finds and deletes a clip that is currently playing
Recreate Currently Playing – on the selected track finds and deletes a clip that is currently playing, and then creates a new one

Mute Selected Track – enables/disables mute on selected track
Solo Selected Track – enables/disables solo on selected track
Arm Selected Track – enables/disables arm on selected track

6. To do:

– ability to choose length of a new clip
– clip loop enable/disable (done, just bring to the interface)
– Emergency Playing Clip Stop (without delete)
– Something wrong with M4L.api.Undo i M4L.api.Redo


Anomaly Kaoss 0.103

Coming soon…